This is no way to run a railroad, folks…

100_0010You know, this is getting ridiculous…  My aging PC is crumbling to pieces… It’s overheating, it has barely enough memory to perform its daily tasks and its hard drive is groaning. The keyboard is crumbling and it was missing 4 letters… Now, letter H has fallen down, too.

All that remains of the lost keys are the rubber stubs over which they sat… and in some cases not even that… only the flat sensitive surface that lies beneath the now missing stub.

How am I expected to work as a writer, going around like this? Folks, remember, this is Venezuela. I live in a country totally spoiled by corruption and everything must be imported. They don’t make PCs down here so you can guess the final sum of the bill for one after it pays shipping and custom taxes, in addition that they must be imported and paid for with Black Market US dollars, since no one is able to freely exchange Venezuelan currency for a more valuable means of exchange.

I tried to convince people to buy my books for a a good cause (like allowing me to buy a new %&!%!!! PC, but no way… no one seems interested in what I write, in spite of having earned quite a few 4 and 5-star reviews. I even tried to raise some money trough Pledgie , so I could replace this old thing, plus paying for some professional editing. This would allow me to shop around for a nice laptop in the States and have it sent to some friends that would see that I get it in the end. But even though I tweeted like crazy and tried to raise the money, still no go.

Then I made a new campaign to raise some money by selling some extra books. Uh-huh. Not even close and no cigar.

People’s hearts are seemingly made of stone these days… The idea was to help me by means of selling my books… it’s not that you will get nothing for your %$!%! four bucks… You are supposed to be getting a good and decent e-book for your money. What are 4 bucks nowadays?… or even 99 cents? (Not that I get the whole enchilada of the price tag…. the merchants and Uncle Sam will have their pound of meat before they pay me).

I know this post will anger a lot of people and I can foresee comments like “what does this scumbag think, saying this sort of stuff to me? I have enough problems of my own to add his to mine!”… Well, I got news for you chum and they come in the form of a line in the movie 2012… Someone is quoting the closing line of the main character’s book and I’ll para-quote (I’m in a lazy mood to fire up the IMDB now, but I guess I will get it right for it’s etched with fire in my memory):

The moment we stop fighting for each other, that’s the moment we lose our humanity.

Well, to sum it up… if you don’t care for what I’m going through, then, Sir, Madam or whatever the hell you are… You are no longer human.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off 
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