Ooops! Promotional Blunder Ahead!

Edwin StarkA recent review of Eco Station One just opened my eyes. It revved up my mental gears, and made me realize I can easily separate the entire world’s population into two categories: Those who like Eco Station and those who don’t. Those who will enjoy this particular book can be easily be spotted because they’re the coolest, wittiest, most beautiful and sexiest individuals around. In simpler words: they can easily get into the joke, forgive the typos and stuff, and just dig into the crazy world of Eco Station. (If you have been reading this far, you may be wondering how can you visually determine who won’t like Eco. Well, that’s easy: they are sour, bitter and the uncoolest individuals ever, who will read the first page and openly state: “What sort of craziness is this?!?!”. Ah, they don’t have any sense of humor whatsoever, suffer from dandruff and have to rent U-hauls to drag their hemorroids along with them).
When I wrote this book, I forgot (quite deliberately, I guess) a joke from an old Steve Martin movie. In this funny scene, Martin tries to explain a bewildered Joan Cussack that there are people who think they have a sense of humor…. but in reality they don’t. Then, to prove his point, he proceeds to tell her a joke:
“What’s the difference between a lightbulb and a pregnant woman?” (read this with a thick Brooklyn accent, will ya?)
As far as I recall, she just tilts her head… slightly… in total confusion.
“You can unscrew a lightbulb.
“Huh?” replies Cussack, quite intelligently.
“See? You think you have a sense of humor… but you don’t…”
Now I wish that I had paid more heed to this little bit of Truth. But when I spent nearly ten months writing Eco I was hoping to find at least a million of readers… the sort that really gets the joke. So far, after a year trying to market the book, I’ve only found a dozen of these cool and sexy people. Now…
Which kind of person are you? The sort with a sense of humor? Or the kind that lacks one?
The review in question that inspired this blog is available at
Signing Off Edwin Stark

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