Life In The Jungle: Doesn’t work as advertised

Edwin Stark

Ok, I just got this DM (Direct Message, not Dungeon M… errr… Scratch that!) in twitter, complaining that I’m not doing regular posts to this blog or its mirror site I can picture this lovely lady being held in thrall by my writing and who hopes to read posts about my day-to-day experiences in the jungle, and who’s (probably) doing a cute pout because I don’t do it daily.
Well, for those who think that living in the middle of a tropical rainforest sounds quite exciting, here’s an example of what my posts would be if I did’em daily:Monday: Raining all night. Sunrise shows that the remainder of the day will be drizzly.

Tuesday: Raining again. Can’t go out to do my chores.

Wednesday: Some more rain. Umbrella bent a little. Rubber work boots got punctured and flooded.

Thursday: Rain. Highlight of the day is that a bearded guy named Noah passed by in his boat and asked me if I required rescue. I told him to *expletive deleted* off.

Friday: More rain. I woke up with a weird bug bite I didn’t have yesterday. Looks nasty.

And so on and so on… I’ll spare you from the drudgery of reading Saturday and Sunday entries, because they’re more of the same (save the part I acknowledge that I didn’t have a clue it was a weekend; time loses its meaning down here).

As you can see, I have a extremely good reason not to post daily; it’d make for some pretty boring blog posts. And I certainly don’t want you bored with my everyday life here in South America.; you’d tune me out quite fast, wouldn’t you? ‘fess up.

I’ll save the tales of exciting things that happen to me (very little) for some very good and occasional posts, in spite of nice ladies who send me pouting DMs by Twitter.


Like what will happen when this little Cunaguaro (pronounced Cun-a-war-o, local name for the ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), a small jaguar-like creature) catches up with me as I’m running away from it.Signing off

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