Life in The Jungle: Latest Update

Edwin Stark

Well, as usual it’s raining down here in the Venezuelan rainforest and I’m cooped home with little else to do but write. There’s nothing much to report, as nothing much happens here… kinda like that old joke that says: “This is a place where anything could happen… but it never does, lol.
Now, allow me to sidetrack a little. Are you a movie buff? If so, you may remember that scene in Jumanji in which a much relieved Robin Williams longingly stares at the toilet throne and mutters: “No more banana leaves”? Well, its innuendo may trigger a chuckle amongst you civilized folks out there. but it no longer a silly joke for me. The throne of my little jungle kingdom no longer flushes and I’m quite a sight these days, looking around my backyard for a suitable spot, as if I were a cat in his kitty litter box.
Due to the recent increase in rains, my house shifted a little and a corner of it constricted the main sewage line. Are you in the mood for a little High School Physics Experiment? Go to the kitchen and serve yourselves a cold glass of water an/or preferred soda drink. Grab a draw and start to suck, but place the pads of your thumb and forefingers on the straw and press softly. Eventually, the increasing pressure will prevent any liquid to reach your mouth.
Well, the same thing is happening to my… er… how can one be nicelly euphemistic about that brown stuff? You know which one I mean.
Man, too bad this happened this late after writing Eco Station One… it’d have had a great funny potential for a hilarious scene there…
Anyway, I just dug up the sewage line and more or less I’m ready to fix it by replacing it with a new PVC pipe, and my days of looking around for a spot with a trowel in hand (like that kid Russel did in Pixar’s Up!; another scene that doesnt’t strike me funny anymore) will be hopefully soon over. I just have to wait for rain to die down a little and fix that nuisance.Reporting from the rainforest
Edwin Stark. author of Eco Station One

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