I’ve seen karma at work… and it’s flipping burgers at the nearest McDonald’s

Today I want to tell everybody of the one time I almost made it out from this accursed jungle. It was about two years ago, when through hard work and saving almost every penny I could during five years, I managed to gather nearly one hundred thousand Bolivars (whis was about forty-five thousand American bucks). I was eyeing a small apartment in the nearest big city (Guatire), which had a cost of one hundred twenty thousand Bolivars. I said, no big deal… that’s what banks are for. (Of course, with a APR of 38 %, a bank loan is something you have to stop and think twice before applying for one) But Fate seems to be constantly playing tricks on me. When I was about to strike the deal, my goverment decides that it would be cool to devaluate our local currency, from 2.15 per dollar, to 4.30. Ok, you may say that’s not bad… the flat is valued in local currency… but EVERYTHING, especially Real Estate prices, is calculated by the value of our currency against the American dollar… so suddenly this small flat I had my eye upon now it’s priced two hundred fifty Bolivars, instead of one hundred twenty.
Now, not only this destroyed all my chances to get out from this hell hole, the little money I had set apart for this, lost half its value overnight. We got an expression down here… “se decidio con un plumazo”, which can be loosely translated as “it was decided with the flair of a pen.” Which was exactly what my goverment did to me during a single night. I ask you… Doesn’t that sound like the work of Fate?

BTW, because many people asked in the mirror blog I run in GR, the title of this post is a line from my book “The Clayton Chronicles”.

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